Gold RIPS!

Will Silver break all-time highs next?

Hello Market Snipers!

Today, Jesse covered the break out on gold and silver on the live stream, along with 20+ other assets (bitcoin, alts, miners, S&P, TSLA, and more).

If you missed it, watch here:

Gold continues to RIP!

Gold is now a rocket ship in price-discovery after over a decade of consolidation. It had a buy signal on the monthly in Nov ‘22, and it’s been trending up since.

It’s ultrabullish on almost every timeframe, including the 3-month chart, which hasn’t happened since 2005.

If the cup-and-handle pattern plays out, then price could hit above $2,474 and all the way up to $3,682.

BREAKING: #Gold just flashed an ultra bullish monthly candle 2 days into April. 👀

Gold 1-month chart

Silver following!

Silver’s also breaking out, and it’s bullish on all timeframes.

If it were to follow gold to all-time highs, it would be a +85% move from here.

Silver 3-month chart with a breakout

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