Bitcoin miners continue to drop!

Crypto consolidation continues

Today, Bitcoin pulled back after a fakeout to the upside yesterday. It’s currently still above the trending dots on the Sharp Shooter Indicator.

On the livestream, Jesse said it could continue consolidating before its next move up, since it’s still bullish on all high timeframes. If we get more candle closes below the diagonal line, then it could turn into a deeper correction.

Bitcoin continues to consolidate on the daily chart


Jesse noted NASDAQ and S&P 500 are both pulling back below the trending dots, but it might be too early to call a broader correction yet.

Nasdaq below trending dots

Bitcoin miners

Jesse went through the bitcoin miners, and most are experiencing a correction. Most likely, miners won’t break out until bitcoin breaks new highs.

Most miner charts are similar.


Watching to see if $HUT puts in another higher lower—it’s too early to say.

$HUT looking for a higher low.


$HIVE is following Jesse’s yellow squiggles so far.

$HIVE also looking for a higher low


Still trying to find a bottom after a sell signal in February.

$MIGI chart continues to be bearish


Still trying to find bottom after its sell signal. There’s a gap down at $10.62.

$CLSK sliding down


It’s down at the 200-week moving average, and still trying to find its bottom.

$MARA looking for bottom on 200-week moving average


No sell signal yet, but it’s below the trending dots and seems like it could follow the other miners down further.

$WULF might be lagging others.

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