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QUICK update from the indicator. Today we saw the 2nd highest Bitcoin monthly close since October 2021 & it closed ultra bullish. Are Altcoins about to join the party & outperform? Let’s dive into the chart opportunities together.

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Here is the video link & below are most of the corresponding charts:

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Several similarities to the monthly close of November 2020 but here are a few:

  1. Candle flipped from Green to Orange

  2. Price closed near former monthly candle high’s, some would say April 2021 was the “real top” as you’ll see this monthly candle closed above the 2nd chart line

  3. Again, counting April 2021 as the top, it’s exactly 35 months from previous cycle top candle to this breakout candle. Programmed?

Chart 1

Chart 2 “Real Top”

Altcoin Opportunities:

As you’ll see in the charts below, some altcoins are at targets 1-4, some just had a monthly buy signal at today’s close, & some have not even had a buy signal yet.











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